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The Munich Conference
In late September 1938, the leaders of Great Britain and France, responding to German Chancellor Adolf Hilter’s territorial demands on neighboring Czechoslovakia, resolved that in order to avoid war, Czechoslovakia should be compelled to surrender part of its soveriegn territory to the Third Reich. Both countries had pledged to defend Czechoslavakia in the event of an attack by Germany. Meeting at a four power conference in Munich, Germany on September 30, 1938 Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy signed the Munich Agreement, which ceded Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland to Germany. Czechoslovakia was not invited to the Conference, nor was it consulted about the prospective loss of its territory. Within six months, Germany had occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia and the country effectively ceased to exist. Within months of its occupation of Czechoslovakia, Germany threatened the independence of neighboring Poland. After continuing threats, a European war between the great powers became inevitable.

The events of 1938 have had deep resonance down to our own day and the word “
appeasement” has come to represent a display of weakness in the face of aggression.

American Freedom Alliance
American Freedom Alliance unites individuals and communities throughout the United States who share an abiding reverence for the values that make the United States of America a symbol of freedom of thought, speech and self-expression. The Alliance’s programs, publications, conferences and websites develop tools and strategies to counter the growing influence of ideologies and movements that deny the sanctity of the personal conscience.



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