Oslo: Twenty Years later
Oslo at Twenty

Oslo @ Twenty:
Costs and Consequences
of the Peace Process
An International Conference

Bret Stephens, David Suissa, Daniel Pipes Aaron David Miller,
and 20 other speakers and experts
from around the world

The Oslo Peace Accords, signed on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993 are now 20 years old. Between 1993 and the present day the region has absorbed so much trauma, violence and terror that the belief amongst those who predicted that an ultimate peace between Arabs and Israelis was close at hand has been proved illusory at best and delusional at worst. But whatever one's view of the Accords and the peace process it spawned, there remain important questions that deserve to be answered: What were the geopolitical conditions which gave rise to the Accords? Did the Accords have any positive impact upon the region and who ultimately benefited? More important than any other question however, is what lessons if any, can the West draw from the Accords and their aftermath?



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