Heroes of Conscience


American Freedom Alliance

The American Freedom Alliance is a Los Angeles based think tank and activist movement which promotes, defends and upholds Western values and ideals. The Alliance sponsors conferences, publishes opinions, distributes information and creates networking groups to identify threats to Western civilization and to motivate, educate and unite citizens of the United States and of Western democracies in support of that cause.

• Confronting Hollywood over its abandonment of American values
• Fighting for freedom of conscience and speech on our university campuses
• Pushing back against the tide of radical environmentalism
• Building barriers against the encroachment of global governance

The Alliance’s conferences, programs, publications, websites and networking groups develop tools and strategies to counter ideologies which underlie these threats, including radical Islam, moral and cultural relativism, appeasement and excessive emphasis on multiculturalism.

The Heroes of Conscience

At our seventh annual dinner, we pay tribute again to heroes of conscience - men and women who work daily to support the values and ideals which have formed the very cornerstone of our civilization. We are grateful for their courage and tenacity in elevating the study of the classics, promoting democracy and free enterprise and focusing on the elements that guarantee individual liberty. In defense of our freedoms, they have dared to venture beyond the comforts of family, career and personal commitments, taking great risks on a daily basis in order to preserve and elevate these precious gifts to humanity. They are truly worthy recipients of our annual Heroes of Conscience Awards.


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