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The American Freedom Alliance stands strong in defense of Western Civilization and the values that give us the success, the strength, the achievements and prosperity that we enjoy.  Without freedom to create, to believe, to speak, to act, to own, human nature’s potential is stunted; but where these freedoms exist, we are able to soar.  “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:”  these words embody the fundamental needs of humankind.  And it is only Western Civilization that embraces them – and it is AFA’s mission to find ways to ensure that that most fundamental need – that  of freedom – is protected and maintained.

2016 Heroes of Conscience Dinner Zo and Carrie Rachel, Mel Flynn and Mark Vafiades, John and Cherish Quinn
2016 Heroes of Conscience Dinner
Zo and Carrie Rachel, Mel Flynn and Mark Vafiades, John and Cherish Quinn

When our media and academic institutions align with those who fight against these freedoms, when the narrative they propagate is utterly antithetical to all that is good and true, when their goal is to foment hatred towards Western Civilization and advocate instead for its enemies, then it’s up to institutions such as the American Freedom Alliance to educate in parallel with our academic institutions, to inform in parallel with our media.

2016 Heroes of Conscience Dinner –  speaker  Barak Lurie

To that end, we host events that range from informal, intimate Literary Cafes and Cinema Gateways, to evening forums, to our Heroes of Conscience dinners, to our full-day conferences.  Below are the events that we’re planning.


Frank Gaffney President/CEO of Center for Security Policy at AFA’s Islam conference, August 2016


 Coming up in 2017


Islam and Western Civilization -we are planning on taking our exceedingly successful 2016 conference to a number of other cities. Currently, planning for the conference on APRIL 29th in DALLAS is underway.

The Conference we’re planning for August will be an entirely different, much more ambitious and extraordinarily important topic.  Stay tuned as you will NOT want to miss this one.  Details coming very soon.


February 9:

Our firsphoto by shutterstockt Forum of 2017 will focus on one of the biggest hoaxes designed to undermine our freedoms, that of “Anthropogenic Climate Change.”  This is especially timely for us in California as our governor is digging in even deeper to the false “science,” hiring Eric Holder to defend against any changes that the new administration might be ushering in.  See here for more details and to buy tickets.


Other forums will include topics of “Reforming Islam,”  “Communism in Hollywood,”  “Energy and Environmentalism”


Heroes of Conscience Awards Dinner

As is our tradition, we will host next year’s dinner on May 21st.  Check back for details, or subscribe to our email list.

Literary Cafes and Cinema Gateways

We’re starting to get together our line-up of books and films for the year.  Check back for details, or subscribe to our email list.


Last year’s summer picnic was such a tremendous success that we will most certainly be holding one again this year!


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