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This Week's Editorial


12/11/2014 By Avi Davis 

Four years ago former Bush speech writer, Marc A. Thiessen, in his book Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe, provided a thundering response to critics of the CIA’s interrogation practices post 9-11.  In the wake of the attack on CIA practices, the writer laid out a clear, lucid case for the intelligence agency in its efforts to glean information about impending attacks from prisoners that the United States had abducted in its wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

In his book he details how the CIA,  after first obtaining legal authority and political backing for its interrogation techniques, undertook the effort to force information from its prisoners with great caution and having successfully done so, uncovered  some vital leads on future plots that al Qaeda never had the chance to execute.

But for at least eight years, these same CIA practices have come under remorseless assault by the Obama Administration and from Democrats in Congress.  That campaign came to a head this week when the Obama Administration released the Senate’s Investigation into CIA Interrogation Practices, a report, five years in the making and which had been finalized in 2013.  In that report the Democratic majority( with no Republican in the bi-partisan committee signing on to it) , found that the harsh CIA interrogation techniques had been unwarranted; that they had not resulted in any leads which contributed to national security and that the CIA  had operated as a rogue institution beyond the bounds of the law.

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11/11/2014 by Avi Davis

The news from Israel is grim.  A conversation held with family in Jerusalem yesterday indicated that the city is gripped by fear as the sudden, unprovoked attacks from Arabs continue to escalate. Yesterday, 26- year-old  Dalia Lemkus from Tekoa became the latest victim of Palestinian violence when she was struck by a car and then stabbed several times outside the Gush Etzion town of Alon Shvut.  In Tel Aviv, Sgt. Almog Shiloni from Modi’in was stabbed to death after struggling with an Arab assailant. Monday actually marked one of the bloodiest days in recent memory, with, in addition to the stabbing attacks in Tel Aviv and Alon Shvut, even more violent riots in Kafr Kanna and other Arab communities in Israel.

What is not reported as widely are the daily attempts at intimidation in ordinary daily exchanges within Israel between Arabs and Jews.  In a restaurant in the exclusive Mamilla shopping complex near the Old City of Jerusalem, patrons reported  yesterday the sudden entry of a raucous group of young Arabs who began over turning tables and threatening waiters.  The patrons were forced to flee the harassment through the kitchen.   Two days ago a huge billboard, apparently authorized by the Palestinian Authority, appeared near Nablus exhorting Arabs to attack Jews in retaliation for the alleged Judaization of the Temple Mount and providing sanction from the Koran for exactly such acts.  Jerusalemites are being met with increasing verbal hostility from Arab tax drivers, porters and even street cleaners.

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10/24/2014 by John L. Hancock

In the fall of 1991, the relatively small and quiet university of Alfred U in New York was engrossed in controversy.  Indignant professors led students in protests, heated debates raged throughout the divided campus, editorials filled the school and local papers.  At  the heart of the controversy was the newly installed statue of King Alfred, the medieval English monarch after whom the town and school was named.  Ten years prior, when the monument was commissioned, no one could foresee the controversy it would eventually cause.  Yet, its placement offended the sensibilities of the university's history professors.

By the strong and negative reaction one would think that Alfred must have been a tyrant, an oppressor of his people, a man deserving of the title Alfred the Terrible.  Surprisingly, it is the opposite that that is true.

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Date: October 3, 2014

Los Angeles, CA: The American Freedom Alliance,(AFA) a non-aligned policy network and think-tank based in Los Angeles had its 501( c) (3) tax exempt status retroactively reinstated on September 18, 2014 - effectively reversing the damage done to the organization when the tax exempt status was revoked by the IRS in May, 2012.   All donations to the American Freedom Alliance since its incorporation in February 2008 to the present day are therefore tax deductible without exception.

"This is a significant vindication," said Avi Davis, the organization's co-founder and President.  "We made an aggressive argument to the IRS that the initial revocation had been wrong and unlawful and requested retroactive reinstatement under procedures authorized by the IRS itself.  The success in securing reinstatement on those terms speaks for itself.  AFA has always contended that the revocation was unwarranted and whatever motivated the IRS to withdraw it, the retroactive reinstatement would seem to suggest that the reasons were  insufficient to warrant their wrongful actions."

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August 10, 2014 By Avi Davis

The centenary of the outbreak of the First World War has been greeted with not much more than a yawn by citizens of the West.

Sure, there have been the obligatory documentaries, the reconciliation hugs by the leaders of France and Germany and the commemorative ceremonies played out on that War's most ravaged battlefields.

But for most, the war remains not even a distant memory. No man or woman who fought during that time is now alive and the events that took place between August 4,1914 and November 11,1918  have been vastly overshadowed by the outbreak of a far deeper conflict which engulfed the world 21 years later. 

Yet to fail to recognize the significance of this date is to ignore what is probably the most cataclysmic event in world history, one that overturned a century of extraordinary human progress and set the political, economic, cultural, and social tone for the remainder of the century. Not a man, woman, or child born in that century or who is alive today remains unaffected by the consequences of the First World War and ignoring what its outbreak has to teach us about our own world is a costly mistake.

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Posted on August 04, 2014 by Avi Davis

My parents, who have lived in Jerusalem for 22 years, recently met their new neighbors.  They are French Jews from Paris who describe themselves as refugees. " We came to the conclusion that there was simply no future for us in France.  Jews are targets there and the government cannot and does not want to protect them. France is lost."

Their message resonated with me as I returned to Israel from a  speaking tour of Southern Africa.  In South Africa I watched as President Jacob Zuma and many of his secondary ministers, fulminated about the international crimes of the Israeli government in Gaza.  In Namibia, a country with only a handful of Jews and with no previous strong record of antisemitic animus, television news programs consistently portrayed a one dimensional view of the conflict, failing entirely to present the context of Operation Protective Edge and castigating the worldwide Jewish support for Israel as the primary culprit.

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Posted: December 11, 2014 by Ida Lichter, M.D.

Qanta Ahmed is the antithesis of an oppressed woman, who is beholden to her husband or male guardian for permission to leave the house or travel abroad. Straightforward, smartly dressed in Western style, articulate and fearless, she utilizes a fierce intelligence to criticize the ideology of Islamism that threatens the benign religion bequeathed by her parents.

And she is not alone. An increasing number of Muslim women are speaking out against Islamism or political Islam. They include international activists such as Raheel Raza, Elham Manea, Karima Bennoune and Maryam Namazie.

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Posted on July 20, 2014 by Michael Greer

The first time I heard the claim that man was causing global warming, I thought it was a joke. When I realized that not only weren’t they joking, they were deadly serious, I had to know why. They claimed CO2 was responsible for all kinds of evils, but I knew that CO2 was a nutrient necessary for life on our planet. I also knew that CO2 is emitted by every living creature in nearly everything we do. Reducing CO2 would require de-industralizing our country, destroying our economy, and reducing crop output. It would lead to deaths of living creatures. I determined to learn as much as I could about “global warming”, and find out what was behind it. For the last ten years or so, I have been reading, researching, and listening to actual scientists who study these disciplines.

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By Avi Davis

Picture this: An attractive young woman at a job interview - well tailored, with an engaging smile and an extensive resume. She has graduated summa cum laude from Vassar, has earned four degrees - one of them a law degree from Boalt Law School. At her interview she is asked a question about the founding of the United States: "Can you tell me when the United States was founded?" The young woman looks a little puzzled and after a few reflective moments responds: " 1940?"

Okay, the interviewer thinks, some people are just not good with dates. " Can you perhaps tell me then, the name of our first President?" Another moment of stunned silence followed by a sheepish response: "Jimmy Carter? "

It is tempting to characterize this woman's disgraceful paucity of knowledge about her country's origins as an outlier, unrepresentative of her generation. But that would be to gloss over a yawning gulf between our current crop of graduates and the educated Americans who preceded her. For today it is not only common for students to graduate college without the slightest knowledge of the foundations of the American republic, but also without the ability to spell correctly, write cogent sentences, perform basic mathematical equations or speak one sentence of the English language without the word "like" included.

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The Western Word - Our Weekly Gazette


by Harvey Silverglate

On campuses across the country, hostility toward unpopular ideas has become so irrational that many students, and some faculty members, now openly oppose freedom of speech. The hypersensitive consider the mere discussion of the topic of censorship to be potentially traumatic. Those who try to protect academic freedom and the ability of the academy to discuss the world as it is are swimming against the current. In such an atmosphere, liberal-arts education can’t survive.

Consider what happened after Smith College held a panel for alumnae titled “Challenging the Ideological Echo Chamber: Free Speech, Civil Discourse and the Liberal Arts.” Moderated by Smith President Kathleen McCartney in late September, the panel was an apparent effort to address the intolerance of diverse opinions that prevails on many campuses.

One panelist was Smith alumna Wendy Kaminer—an author, lawyer, social critic, feminist, First Amendment near-absolutist and former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union. She delivered precisely the spirited challenge to the echo chamber that the panel’s title seemed to invite. But Ms. Kaminer emerged from the discussion of free speech labeled a racist—for defending free speech.

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by Jonathan Sacks 

This year, Europe’s Jews enter Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, with a degree of apprehension I have not known in my lifetime. Anti-Semitism has returned to Europe within living memory of the Holocaust. Never again has become ever again.

In France, worshipers in a synagogue were surrounded by a howling mob claiming to protest Israeli policy. In Brussels, four people were murdered in the Jewish museum, and a synagogue was firebombed. In London, a major supermarket said that it felt forced to remove kosher food from its shelves for fear that it would incite a riot. A London theater refused to stage a Jewish film festival because the event had received a small grant from the Israeli embassy.

More than once during the summer, I heard well-established British Jews saying, “For the first time in my life, I feel afraid.” Twenty years ago, launching a program to strengthen Jewish continuity across the generations, I published a book titled, “Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren?” Today, Jews are beginning to ask, “Will we have English grandchildren?

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The Seven Deadly Virtues: An Interview With Jonathan Last.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Avi Davis interviews Dr. Richard Wiekart, author of  the newly published  Darwin to Hitler:

Topic:  Was Racism in both Wilhemine Germany and Nazi Germany influenced by Social Darwinism?

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Friday, September 19, 2014 at 7:45 am - 8: 15 am PDT

Avi Davis to be interviewed  on The Dr. Jim Talk Show on The Brettell Broadcasting Network in Maumelle, AR, US on the subject of  the AFA International conference: Failing Grades: The Crisis in Teaching on our University Campuses

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 The rise of antisemitism in the Muslim world is compounded by the fact that many in the West refuse to recognize the issue. Apathy, ignorance,confusion, bigotry and misguided multiculturalism have all contributed to the growth of this plague. Author Kressel argues convincingly that Muslim antisemitism is the acid test of the seriousness of Western liberalism. If the West fails to stem this growing tide, as now seems likely, future affairs will not go well for the proponents of democracy

Original Air Date: 11/11/2012
TheNovember Conference of the Air
The Consequences of an Obama Second Term for the Future of the West

The successful campaign of Barack Obama to win a second presidential term, offers many questions about the future of the West and of the civilization which has dominated world history for the past 600 years. Among those questions are issues of the future of Europe, the growth of the welfare state, the future of free trade and free enterprise and the economic strength of the West.

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